Stuck in a Time Share You Don't Want?

Let's shatter that contract.

So you're stuck in a timeshare...

We get it.  The timeshare companies know how to trap you.  They fly you out on a free trip.  Butter you up, serve you booze, and show you a good time.  The catch?  Oh, you just need to sit through a two hour presentation.

Then comes the hard-sell.  They tell you its an investment.  That you'll use it all the time and can sell it for more.  They help you imagine an amazing future vacationing at this timeshare that you own, so you sign on the dotted line.

But now you're stuck with a timeshare you don't want.  You pay thousands of fees and mortgages, the place is deteriorating, and you never use it.  You try and sell it, but nobody wants it.


So what do you do?


Break free from your timeshare

Timeshatter helps you get out of your unfair contract.


There are a number of strategies used to help consumers like you exit your timeshare.  In a world of schemes and shams, it can be tough to know what timeshare exit companies are legit.  Not to mention, they vary in price and effectiveness.


That's where Timeshatter comes into play.  We analyze your current contract and pair you with an expert who can help you legally exit your timeshare contract.  You'll save thousands in fees, and finally have peace of mind again.


We've Helped Thousands Escape Timeshare Hell


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How We Operate

  • Tell Us About Your Contract

    We'll understand your mortgage, terms, fees and other important details about your timeshare contract.

  • Pair You With an Expert

    Depending on your contract, we'll pair you with a specialist that has helped hundreds of similar customers exit their timeshare.

  • Get Free From Your Timeshare

    After a few months, you'll be free of your contract and able to vacation when and where you want.  

A Few Testimonials

I was paying thousands a year for a shitty apartment I never wanted to visit.  It was a dump.  Not at all what was promised.  And the fees came whether I wanted it or not.  Thankfully I'm done!

  • testimonial-3

    Shirley Parker

    United States

My goodness!  I can't believe I was duped into one of these schemes.  'Why not own a piece of property in Vegas' they said.  Turns out that piece of a property is worth nothing!  Thankfully, I'm out and I owe it yo you!

  • testimonial-1

    Terry Franklin

    United States

Ready to shatter your timeshare contract?

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Common Questions

  • How long does the process take?

    It varies a lot, but usually it takes 3-12 months to get you out of your timeshare contract.  The timeshare terrorists put up a fight, but we win.

  • Can I just sell my timeshare?

    Sure, if you want to sell it for pennies on Ebay.  The reality is that nobody wants your timeshare...including you.  There's basically no resale market, at least without taking a giant loss.

  • What's it all cost?

    Any legit Timeshare Exit Firm will only get paid when you get paid.  Basically, depending on your contract, they will take a percentage of the savings.