Timeshare Compliance: An In-Depth Review

Looking to get out of your Timeshare? You may have heard of Timeshare Compliance, a timeshare exit company that claims to get you free and clear of your unwanted timeshare.

As it turns out, quite a number of supposed timeshare exit companies happen to be running predatory scams. They prey on desperate timeshare owners with hollow promises to get them out of their timeshare contracts. 

Now, to save you from such unfortunate scenarios, our team has conducted thorough background checks on a host of renowned timeshare companies. Up today is Timeshare Compliance – and in this review article, we’ll be revealing:

  • What Timeshare Compliance is all about. 
  • The timeshare exit procedures that Timeshare Compliance follows. 
  • The type of clients that Timeshare Compliance works with. 
  • The reliability of Timeshare Compliance in getting its clients out of timeshare contracts. 
  • The fees that Timeshare Compliance charges for timeshare exits. 
  • What past clients are saying about Timeshare Compliance. 
  • The pros and cons of working with Timeshare Compliance. 

By the end of it all, you should have figured out what to expect from the company and, most importantly, if Timeshare Compliance is indeed a legitimate timeshare exit firm. 


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What is Timeshare Compliance?

Started in 2012 as a subsidiary of Pandora Marketing LLC, Timeshare Compliance has served as a timeshare exit company for close to a decade now. On its website, the firm claims to be an “Advocacy Group” that seeks to aid timeshare owners – particularly the ones who were duped into signing their timeshare contracts. 

Make no mistake about it, though – Timeshare Compliance is not a law firm. Rather, its legal experts work very closely with attorneys to help clients cancel their timeshare mortgage debt and maintenance fees. 

The company itself is based in Aliso Viejo, California – from where it extends timeshare exit services to every U.S. state. Among the experts you’ll find here is a leadership team that has, so far, amassed over 50 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry.

Another outstanding thing about Timeshare Compliance is, it uses an escrow service in its client transactions. Once you deposit the funds, the company is only paid in full after it delivers its end of the deal and gets the timeshare canceled. 

How Timeshare Compliance Works

Timeshare Compliance boasts using legal means to cleanly get its clients completely out of their timeshare contracts. 

Basically, each timeshare exit case is assigned to a team of professionals – who include a client specialist, a case analyst, a coordinator, and a case representative. These experts then follow a three-step process to get the cases resolved. 

The first stage is investigation, followed by advocating, and then resolution. Here are the details: 

Stage 1: Investigation

Once you consult Timeshare Compliance and they accept your case, a client specialist will contact you for details about your timeshare contract. They’ll subsequently create a case file with all your timeshare information, and then pass it on to the case analyst for review. 

The case analyst is expected to examine everything, and then get in touch with you to discuss all the possible resolution options. 

Stage 2: Advocating

When you finally make up your mind, the case analyst will prepare and send you a service agreement. This is what kickstarts the resolution process, as it gives the legal team the green light to formulate your case strategy.

It’s at this stage where you could even request credit restoration and monitoring. In that case, your coordinator will get in touch with you to assist with the entire procedure. 

Otherwise, if you’re okay with the service agreement, you can go ahead and sign the papers to proceed. Timeshare Compliance will also require you to remit the quoted processing fees, after which you’ll be formally welcomed as an active client. 

The company will promptly forward the case file and documents to your case representative, who’ll then pick them up from there and conduct an internal evaluation. Such reviews help establish all the case merits before the file is ultimately forwarded to your attorney for further action. 

Stage 3: Resolution

Once your attorney successfully handles the matter and gets the timeshare contract suspended, you’ll get a notification letter from Timeshare Compliance. This is the point where you consider the timeshare exit fully resolved. 

Timeshare Compliance Pricing

Unfortunately, you won’t find a schedule of fees on Timeshare Compliance’s main site. The company doesn’t have a standard pricing system for all its clients. Instead, it evaluates everyone on a case-by-case basis, before proceeding to provide a personalized quote of the timeshare exit fees. 

That said, at least it won’t cost you anything to get in touch with the company. The initial consultation is completely free of charge, as this is when you get to connect with a client specialist to provide details about your timeshare contract.

Once you’re done with that, a case analyst will review the parameters surrounding your case, and then send you a quote of the processing fees.

Overall, the typical rates here range between $4,000 and $8,000 – with timeshare mortgage cases costing more than their paid-off counterparts. These estimates are based on our experience with Timeshare Compliance, plus various customer reviews we’ve sampled across different platforms. 

If you happen to be short on cash, Timeshare Compliance goes out of its way to offer a financing option in the form of SuperMoney. That means you could borrow funds that’ll be used to offset your timeshare exit costs. And while the accompanying interest rates depend on your credit score, it’s worth noting that they tend to be lower than the corresponding interest rates charged on timeshare mortgages. 

Then get this – although Timeshare Compliance doesn’t offer any form of a money-back guarantee, it makes up for that with free escrow services. This acts as some sort of security, as the company doesn’t receive full payment until it actually delivers the timeshare exit services. Now that’s not something you’ll find in fraudulent Timeshare exit companies. 

Timeshare Compliance Qualifications: Who does Timeshare Compliance Work With?

From the moment you land on Timeshare Compliance’s website, you’ll notice that the company isn’t very keen to work with just anyone. It has a very systematic client selection process, in which it reviews its prospects based on various eligibility criteria. The primary goal here is to identify the most qualified cases with the highest chances of success. 

In particular, Timeshare Compliance tends to work with candidates who have very unfavorable timeshare contract terms. This includes people who were pressured into purchasing their timeshares, guys paying exorbitant timeshare maintenance fees, timeshare mortgage borrowers, as well as timeshare payment defaulters. 

Quite simply, if you feel that your timeshare contract is a huge burden, then you probably fall within Timeshare Compliance’s target clientele. This applies to all types of timeshare ownership in the U.S. – fractional ownership, fixed week, floating week, biennial timeshare, points-based timeshare, deeded timeshare, etc. 

Timeshare Compliance is also flexible when it comes to ownership periods. While some of its clients have owned their timeshares for only a couple of months, the company also works with people who have been in decades-long contracts. 

Case in point – one of the many reviews we sampled came from a client who had owned his timeshare since 1992. At first, he claims to have enjoyed the whole experience – but then after several years, the maintenance fees ballooned exponentially, forcing him to seek a timeshare exit. 

Another unusual case involved an individual who was, apparently, about to inherit his parents’ timeshares. Timeshare Compliance ultimately accepted the case and helped everyone (including the folks) to leave the contract. 

That said, you can find out if you qualify through the “Do I Qualifysection of Timeshare Compliance’s website. It offers a brief questionnaire with close-ended options, which you should fill in and then submit the form to establish your eligibility. 

Other than that, you get a Timeshare Calculator for working out the actual costs of your timeshare arrangement. You just need to enter your timeshare’s annual exchange fees, the annual membership dues, plus the corresponding annual maintenance fees and monthly loan payments. 

The system will subsequently analyze the numbers and tell you your timeshare vacation cost per year, the resultant projected annual maintenance fees over the next 20 years, plus the amount of money you stand to save by exiting the timeshare contract. 

Online Reviews Of Timeshare Compliance

Before hiring a timeshare exit company, it’s always advisable to check out their ratings and reputation on online review platforms. The remarks left by past clients provide quite an insightful glimpse of what one should expect from the service providers. 

On the flip side, however, it turns out that even scammers try to capitalize on online review sites in a desperate bid to stay ahead of their victims. They tend to publish fake reviews that paint a rosy picture of their fraudulent timeshare exit companies. 

So, to find out the real story about Timeshare Compliance, we had to thoroughly vet its online reviews. 

For instance – we focused entirely on reputable consumer platforms that take the time to screen and verify the alleged customers. Better Business Bureau is one popular example, followed by the likes of Trustpilot. 

What’s more, we keenly scrutinized the ratings and reviews to identify any inconsistencies or discrepancies that might signify falsifications. 

Here are the overall findings…

Better Business Bureau Rating of Timeshare Compliance

At the time of writing this guide, Timeshare Compliance had an impressive Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+, after having been accredited since May 26, 2016. 

On the side of the customer reviews, the company’s profile showed a solid rating of 4.73 stars out of 5 – averaged from 74 customers. 

And while the customers here have left many remarks about the company, one of the things that stand out is Timeshare Compliance’s reliability and availability. 

Many of the reviews praise the company for being very responsive, as well as helping them out of their timeshare contracts. And to be more specific, the past clients like how Timeshare Compliance kept updating them throughout the whole process, plus its efficacy in canceling out the burdensome timeshare contracts.  

Someone known as Natasha D, for instance, posted this very recently (on May 26, 2021): 

“Yes, this company is a bit pricey, BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY. One must pay the right price for quality and TIMESHARE COMPLIANCE IS IT. I started my process with them right before Covid and even during a pandemic, I received emails from their staff and check ins. They always respond to emails and answer questions in a timely manner! With the crazy world we live in now they were still able to end my timeshare with timeliness. I had hired a previous company and there is no comparison. Timeshare Compliance is worth it!”

Then two weeks later, Caroline M. said this about the company: 

“I was very pleased with the experience I had with Timeshare Compliance. They were always available to me whenever I needed them. I was able to either email, call or text them at any time. They made the whole process easy from the beginning to the end. They regularly called or emailed to give us updates regarding our case.”

It’s not all praises, though. Timeshare Compliance’s Better Business Bureau profile also features about 11 customer complaints. 

One of the most recent ones is on spam calls that kept coming despite a written agreement that stated otherwise. Another client pointed out issues within the company’s service agreement, while someone else came forward with allegations of failing to refund hidden charges. 

All in all, it’s quite commendable that Timeshare Compliance took the time to respond accordingly and resolve each of the complaints. This was even confirmed by BBB itself, as all of the complaint cases are now marked closed. 

Timeshare Compliance Rating On Other Online Review Sites


Although the screening system on Trustpilot might not be as thorough as BBB’s, the site is still an incredibly popular consumer review platform – with more than 6.9 billion impressions per month, across over 120 million review publications. 

Here, Timeshare Compliance boasted an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 at the time of writing this guide. That’s courtesy of 301 customer reviews,  60% of which rated the company “Excellent”, while 17% leaned towards “Great, 11% “Average”, 6% “Poor”, and 5% “Bad. 

Zeroing in on the specifics, it turns out the positive reviews on Trustpilot have more or less the same sentiments as the postings on BBB. Past clients overwhelmingly compliment Timeshare Compliance for its dependability, professionalism, and timeliness. They claim that in addition to providing consistent updates throughout the whole process, the company ultimately managed to save them from the shackles of timeshare contracts. 

Check out this review, for example, which was published on May 25, 2021, by a client named A. Swartz. 

“They’re team was amazing! They were prompt with returning phone calls and checked in with us during the process. In less than a year we were free of our obligation to our timeshare!”

Please note, however, that while many of the reviews might seem original, some have been copied directly from BBB. They have basically mirrored duplicates of each other, which is quite peculiar for such a vastly experienced company. 

The “Poor” and “Bad” reviews, on the other hand, mostly touch on issues such as timeshare exit cases that dragged on for too long. 

Google Reviews

It goes without saying that Google Reviews has the widest reach among all digital review platforms. All it takes is a quick search engine search, and voila! What’s more, it’s easily accessible by all types of digital consumers, who even get to post without being subjected to extra verification checks. 

Now, when you take all this into consideration, you’d probably expect to sample way more ratings here than on other review platforms. Sadly, that’s not the case – on the contrary, Timeshare Compliance’s profile on Google Reviews is a bit disappointing. 

Although it manages a fairly solid rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, only 56 reviews have so far been published by Google Reviews. Then to make matters worse, most of them seem like they were directly lifted from BBB and Trustpilot. It’s almost as if the company is desperately trying to boost its reputation on Google. 

As such, you might not want to entirely base your judgment on Google Reviews. You’d be much better off with BBB and Trustpilot. 

Review Summary

Going by the hundreds of customer reviews sampled across BBB, Trustpilot, and Google Reviews, it seems Timeshare Compliance is indeed living up to its name. The company has, so far, managed to maintain an impressive rating of 4.4 stars or more across each of the customer review platforms. 

This reputation seemingly comes from Timeshare’s commitment to providing legitimate timeshare exit services, while, at the same time, optimizing responsiveness. You can count on it to get you out of your timeshare contract, as well as keep you posted throughout the process. 

And in case any issues develop along the way, the BBB complaints section proves that Timeshare Compliance is also quick to respond and resolve its clients’ problems. Pretty commendable that its expert team is easily reachable via phone calls, email, and text. 

On the other end of the spectrum, however, clients have repeatedly raised concerns about hidden fees here and there. This is something you might want to look out for if you ever choose to engage Timeshare Compliance in your timeshare exit process. 

Timeshare Compliance Lawsuits

For many years, Timeshare Compliance has maintained an almost spotless record in the judiciary. It just wasn’t the type of company you’d find embroiled in legal battles with its clients. 

What’s more, Timeshare Compliance has never practised as a legal firm. It, instead, continues to outsource its timeshare legal matters to bonafide attorneys, who in turn handle any lawsuits that may arise with timeshare providers. 

Lately, though, the company has found itself in a fairly rough patch legally, after it was sued for allegedly “falsely advertising” its services. The lawsuit was, interestingly, filed in 2020 not by one of its former clients – but rather, by Diamond Resorts, a well-renowned player in the hospitality and timeshare sales industry. 

According to Diamond Resorts, Timeshare Compliance – also known as Pandora Marketing LLC – and Resort Advisory Group have been engaging in a civil conspiracy, tortious interference with contractual obligations, and false advertising. 

In simple terms, the court documents claim that companies like Timeshare Compliance have been falsely advertising their services to make money off timeshare owners. Diamond Resorts accuses them of tricking the owners into committing large sums of money in upfront fees, and then failing to deliver the agreed services. 

It doesn’t end there, though. Timeshare Compliance is, in particular, being accused of colliding with its attorney partners to mislead timeshare owners into breaching their timeshare contracts – which reportedly ends up hurting the owners’ credit scores. 

At the moment, the case is still proceeding in front of a U.S. District Court Judge in California. So, it’s only a matter of time until the truth is finally revealed – whether Timeshare Compliance is indeed guilty of false advertising, or maybe Diamond Resorts is just bitterly shooting in the dark to get back at legitimate timeshare exit companies. 

Pros and Cons of Timeshare Compliance

As we’ve established already, working with Timeshare Compliance is a mixture of oranges and lemons. While some aspects may work in your favor, others might ultimately prove to be a stumbling block. 

Here’s a breakdown of both sides of the coin to help you make an informed decision. 

The Good 

  • Offers escrow payment guarantee. 
  • Eliminates timeshare liabilities. 
  • Timeshare exit takes 6 to 18 months. 
  • Extremely responsive team.
  • Provides personal credit monitoring services. 

#1. Offers Escrow Payment Guarantee

Although Timeshare Compliance doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee like some of its closest competitors, it makes up for that with a free escrow payment option. This acts as some form of assurance, since the company doesn’t receive full payment for its services until it manages to successfully get you off your timeshare contract.

#2. Eliminates Timeshare Liabilities

Timeshare Compliance doesn’t just focus on basic timeshare exits. Once it gets you off a timeshare contract, you get to drop all the liabilities that came with the arrangement.

That means you’ll be totally free from all the timeshare responsibilities. You won’t be required to make debt payments, remit maintenance fees, or pass on the timeshare obligations to your heirs. 

#3. Timeshare Exit Takes 6 to 18 Months

While every timeshare exit case has its own unique contractual terms and challenges, the company tries to work around everything to get you off the contract in a matter of months. 

Timeshare Compliance has trained its client specialists, case analysts, coordinators, and case representatives to work seamlessly in tandem and resolve the cases as quickly as possible. In the end, the whole process typically takes about 6 to 18 months. 

#4. Extremely Responsive Team

The team of professionals at Timeshare Compliance has proven to be extremely responsive. Once you submit your timeshare contract particulars, they quickly process you through their system to get your timeshare exit process underway. Then, in the meantime, they provide consistent updates to keep you in the loop as they work on your timeshare exit case. 

#5. Provides Personal Credit Monitoring Services

Since the timeshare exit process tends to negatively affect clients’ credit scores, Timeshare Compliance has partnered with a company known as United Docu Prep to provide personal credit monitoring services. 

This helps you keep tabs on any changes to your overall creditworthiness during the timeshare exit process. 

The Bad

  • Lack of pricing information. 
  • High service cost
  • Cherry-picks timeshare exit cases. 
  • Mix-up between Timeshare Compliance and Pandora Marketing LLC. 

#1. Lack of Pricing Information

Timeshare Compliance doesn’t readily provide its pricing information. Instead of revealing the details on its main site, it requires you to schedule a free consultation with a client specialist – who’ll then review your case along with a case analyst, before eventually generating a personalized quote based on your specific case parameters. 

By the time you make the decision on whether the service is affordable or not, you’ll have spent time and resources on the to and fro consultations. 

#2. High Service Cost

While the goal here is usually to relieve you of the financial burden and liabilities attached to timeshare contracts, the service itself doesn’t come cheap. 

Timeshare Compliance typically charges its clients thousands of dollars, which can be pretty steep for someone who’s already in dire need of a bailout. 

#3. Cherry-Picks Timeshare Exit Cases

Timeshare Compliance doesn’t randomly work with just any timeshare owner in distress. To maintain a perfect success record, it keenly cherry-picks its cases and proceeds with the very few that offer the best prospects. 

That’s why, in fact, one of the first things you’ll be required to do is run your specific case parameters through the company’s eligibility system. It’s built to select the most promising cases and then leave out the rest. 

#4. Mix-Up Between Timeshare Compliance and Pandora Marketing LLC

Pandora Marketing LLC and Timeshare Compliance might sound like two different entities. Besides, the former is supposedly the parent company of the latter, 

As you get to learn more about the two companies, however, it becomes apparent that they are one and the same thing  – which can be very confusing. That’s why, as a matter of fact, even the lawsuit by Diamond Resorts was filed with both company names. 

Final Verdict: Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Timeshare Exit Firm?

After comprehensively reviewing Timeshare Compliance, we can now agree that while the company has attracted its fair share of complaints from past clients, there are no reports of timeshare exit scams. The only thing that comes close to that is the controversial lawsuit filed by Diamond Resorts, a prominent timeshare seller. 

Nonetheless, for close to a decade now, Timeshare Compliance has offered legitimate timeshare exit services to various timeshare owners in distress. That’s how it has managed to attract a decent number of positive customer reviews over the years. 

On Better Business Bureau, for instance, you’ll find Timeshare Compliance with a solid BBB rating of A+, along with an average customer rating of 4.73 out of 5 stars. Now that’s not something you’d see from a fraudulent timeshare exit firm. 

And if that’s not good enough for you, the company provides additional assurance in the form of a free escrow payment option. This allows you to partly withhold payment until the company completely gets you off the timeshare contract. Now that’s a huge plus, as it only comes with a handful of timeshare exit companies. 

Don’t be too sure about working with Timeshare Compliance, though. When it comes to picking clients, the company has this tendency of selecting only the cases that offer the best prospects of success. So, even when you choose to work with it, Timeshare Compliance might not be very keen about reciprocating the favor. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Timeshare Compliance

Now that we’ve covered all the critical aspects about Timeshare Compliance and its timeshare exit services, it’s only right to finish it all off with basic answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Who owns Timeshare Compliance?

Timeshare Compliance is owned by Pandora Marketing LLC, which happens to be its parent company. 

Where is Timeshare Compliance located?

Timeshare Compliance is based in Aliso Viejo, California – but it offers its timeshare exit services across all the 50 U.S. states. 

How is Timeshare Compliance rated online?

On Better Business Bureau – one of the most reputable business review platforms – Timeshare Compliance is a BBB-accredited company that boasts a BBB rating of A+, plus an average customer rating of 4.73 out of 5 stars. 

Then on Trustpilot, Timeshare Compliance has so far garnered an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars – from hundreds of customer reviews. That’s pretty close to its corresponding performance on Google Reviews, where it’s rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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