Timeshare Termination Team: An In-Depth Review

Update – Timeshare Termination Team may be out of business, as it reportedly closed shop in February 2021

Legally Cancel Your Timeshare” – that’s the first thing that’ll hit you as soon as you access the Timeshare Termination Team website. The company even encourages you to go ahead and get started with a free consultation, as your first step towards dropping your timeshare contract. 

If you scroll further, you’ll notice that the Timeshare Termination Team even tries to back up its timeshare exit claims with client testimonials in video form. What’s more, you get the promise of a money-back guarantee, along with something the Timeshare Termination Team calls a “You First Approach”, which is structured to get you out of your timeshare contract safely, legally, and permanently. 

Ok, all that seems like a nice touch – because, presumably, a scam timeshare exit company wouldn’t go to such great lengths. 

Or would it? 

Well, here’s the thing. Never make the mistake of underestimating timeshare scammers. Some are dedicated enough to set up all these bells and whistles just to bait you. So, while the Timeshare Termination Team has admittedly done a good job on its site, that alone doesn’t provide sufficient assurance that you’re dealing with a legit timeshare exit company. 

Now, that’s precisely where we come in. After thoroughly evaluating the Timeshare Termination Team and testing out its services for months, we’ve prepared this well-detailed review of the company, revealing the real truth about: 

  • What the Timeshare Termination Team is all about. 
  • What the company does. 
  • How the company handles its clients and timeshare exit processes. 
  • Where Teamshare Termination Team is based. 
  • The type of clients it targets. 
  • The cost of hiring the Timeshare Termination Team. 
  • What past clients are saying about the company. 
  • Any legal troubles that Timeshare Termination might be experiencing. 

Most importantly, you get to find out if the Timeshare Termination Team is indeed a legit timeshare exit company or not. 

That said, first things first. Let’s start with the basics – what is Timeshare Termination Team, and what’s all the fuss about? 

What is Timeshare Termination Team?

To put it simply, Timeshare Termination Team is basically an American company that specializes in exactly what its name suggests. It seeks to get its clients off their timeshares, saving them the costs and obligations attached to the exploitative contracts. 

The company itself was started back in 2011 by two founders, Holly and Brian Wilbur. Brian was particularly instrumental because, at that time, he had reportedly just gone through a painful timeshare experience. He made the mistake of buying a timeshare after retiring from the U.S Marine Corps, which then later came back to haunt him as he struggled to get the contract canceled. 

Details of how he managed to successfully drop it are pretty scanty. But, it is said that he used his experience as a “recovering timeshare owner” to lay the groundwork that would help similarly distressed people out of their timeshare contracts. 

Today, the Timeshare Termination Team is fundamentally based in a Denver Colorado municipality called Centennial. It is from this Arapahoe County location that the company has managed to extend its timeshare exit services to the rest of the American states. 

The Timeshare Termination Team now boasts helping thousands of timeshare owners cancel their timeshare contracts. It touts itself as a timeshare advocacy company with an in-house legal team that’s capable of safely and permanently getting clients out of their timeshares. 

Now, make no mistake about it. Although the Timeshare Termination Team happens to have an in-house legal team, it’s not what you’d call a law firm. It’s not even a lawyer referral service. That means you shouldn’t expect any sort of attorney-client relationship between you and the Timeshare Termination Team. 

But, how then does the company manage to legally work its way out of the murky and complex timeshare contracts? 

Well, as it turns out, the Timeshare Termination Team usually outsources its legal issues to an external war council. The company partners with expert timeshare attorneys who know how to finesse their way out of timeshare ownership agreements. It’s these lawyers that handle all the contract negotiations plus the accompanying legal processes.

And how has that strategy panned out? 

Well, so far, the Timeshare Termination Team has reportedly managed to maintain a perfect case resolution record. It’s one of the few timeshare exit companies with a self-proclaimed success rate of 100%. 

However, there’s a caveat in its timeshare termination procedures. Here’s a breakdown of everything….

How Timeshare Termination Team Works

To permanently cancel your timeshare, you should follow these eight steps on the Timeshare Termination web platform: 

Step 1: Book Free Consultation

Before anything else, Timeshare Termination Team requires you to book a free consultation with its expert timeshare advisors. 

The procedure itself is pretty straightforward. You can get started by compiling all the relevant documentation you can find on your timeshare arrangement. In particular, the Timeshare Termination Team would mostly be interested in your mortgage documents, the original timeshare purchasing agreement, your latest maintenance fee statement, and perhaps the accompanying deed or points certificate. 

With these sorted out, you can go ahead and submit a consultation request on Timeshare Termination Team’s main site. Simply fill in the contact form with your particulars and then hit the “Submit” button. That should ultimately grant you a free one-on-one consultation with the company’s experts. 

Step 2: Engage Your Expert Advisor

Timeshare Termination Team’s free consultation essentially refers to a brief talk with one of its expert advisors. Once you submit the booking request, an expert timeshare advisor will be assigned to your case to provide further guidance. 

As for the mode of consultation, you’ll have several options. Prospects who are based in the area of Denver Metro, for instance, are usually encouraged to come in for an in-person meeting. Otherwise, you could still have it over the phone or via Zoom video conferencing – the choice is yours. 

Whichever you settle for, expect the consultation to take about 30 minutes to 1 hour, within which your expert advisor will provide all the information you need about your specific timeshare exit case. You get to find out about the subsequent steps to take, the costs involved, plus the amount of time the whole timeshare exit process could take. 

Please note, however, that things could go either way at this stage depending on the conditions surrounding your case. Timeshare Termination Team is notorious for rejecting many prospects, and instead, working only with the timeshare owners whose cases offer the best chances of a successful close-out. That’s partly how, in fact, it manages to maintain its impressive timeshare cancelation record. 

Step 3: Sign The PSA Agreement

If the Timeshare Termination Team gives your timeshare case the green light, this is the stage where you actually get to put pen to paper and make things official. You’ll be required to sign and submit your Professional Services Agreement, as well as pay the agreed timeshare cancelation service fees. 

With that done, the company will welcome you on board as a new client, and proceed to process your timeshare exit case particulars. 

Step 4: Engage Your Client Relations Specialist

As a fresh signee, the first professional you’ll engage here is a client relations specialist. You can think of it as a brief onboarding procedure, as the specialist will go ahead and walk you through their entire timeshare exit process. 

You get to discover, for instance, how the Timeshare Termination Team is planning to handle the case, and the things that you’ll be required to fulfill in the meantime. 

The client relations specialist will additionally keep you updated on any developing changes on your files, as well as provide answers for any questions you might have. 

Step 5: Fill In Important Documents

As the Timeshare Termination Team continues to process your case file, you might be requested to fill in additional documents. These are mostly intended to facilitate the timeshare exit operations and the legal technicalities that come with them. 

As such, the precise documentation to be filled differs from one client to another. You could, for example, be requested to complete and submit authorization letters, financial hardship documentation, or maybe a Power Of Attorney (POW) statement. Your client relations specialist will inform you accordingly. 

Step 6: Leave It To The Attorneys

Once all the vital documents have been sorted out, the Timeshare Termination Team forwards the case to attorneys for legal action. The lawyers, on the other hand, swing into action and begin negotiating a permanent contract termination with your timeshare provider. 

As you’re well aware, this whole back-and-forth negotiation is no walk in the park. That’s why, for most people, it takes months of relentless bargaining to convince the timeshare companies to agree to a compromise. 

So, you might want to sit back and patiently wait for the attorneys to work their magic. The Timeshare Termination Team guarantees that they’ll ultimately get your timeshare contract canceled. 

Step 7: Receive Timeshare Exit Confirmation

When your timeshare provider eventually gives in and proceeds to cancel your timeshare contract, the Timeshare Termination Team will send you a confirmation of the good news, along with your timeshare exit paperwork. 

The documentation here acts as a legal exhibit that you’re no longer a member of the said timeshare. So, you can go ahead and completely sever ties with the timeshare provider. 

Step 8: Enjoy Life Without Timeshare Obligations. 

With the exit mission accomplished, you can now begin living a stress-free life without the timeshare and all its troubles hanging over your head. 

A successful timeshare cancelation means you won’t be paying the maintenance fees anymore. Additionally, the Timeshare Termination Team will relieve you of all the contract obligations, including any pending payments. 

On the flip side, however, you’ll also lose all the benefits that came with the timeshare. You immediately cease being a member that can access the timeshare properties. 

Timeshare Termination Team Pricing

On the pricing front, the Timeshare Termination Team takes the all too common route of withholding cost information. This is a trend that we’ve seen with the bulk of the timeshare exit companies we’ve reviewed. So, although it might be slightly disappointing, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. 

The Timeshare Termination Team is the type of timeshare exit company that, instead of providing a standard pricing schedule, chooses to generate a custom quote for each customer based on their specific case parameters. As such, you can expect the pricing for complex timeshare cases to be higher because of all the resources and time they demand. 

On a brighter note, though, at least you can be certain that you’ll be getting a free consultation as you get started. The Timeshare Termination Team uses the opportunity to review its prospect’s timeshare cases, before coming up with a precise quote for each accepted applicant. 

Once you get yours from the expert advisor, you’ll be required to settle the amount due as you fill in the service agreement. It is only after you pay and submit the signed document that you’ll be able to get on board as a new client. 

So, in short, you could say that the Timeshare Termination Team is a pay-first termination exit company. You might end up coughing up hundreds to thousands of dollars before the Timeshare Termination Team’s legal team even begins working on your timeshare exit. 

Thankfully, this company understands the risk concerns that this policy might attract. So, to sweeten the deal for all the doubtful prospects out there, the Timeshare Termination Team offers assurance in the form of a money-back guarantee. This means that in the event it fails to get your timeshare canceled, you’ll be getting a full refund of all the amounts paid for the service. 

Although this whole money-back arrangement is not exactly as rock-solid as, say, escrow payments, it’s still a very commendable addition to the Timeshare Termination Team platform. You’ll even find the details included in your Professional Service Agreement.

Timeshare Termination Team Qualifications: Who Does Timeshare Termination Team Work With?

While the Timeshare Termination Team seems eager to help out anyone experiencing timeshare distress, its perfect success record happens to be a bigger priority. So, instead of working with just anyone, the Timeshare Termination Team tends to select only the cases that look promising enough to help it preserve its 100% success record. In other words, this company only handles the cases with the highest potential for success. 

The selection process usually happens at the first stage of the company’s timeshare exit services pipeline. The Timeshare Termination Team calls on all the timeshare owners to schedule a free consultation, through which its expert advisors get the opportunity to evaluate the applicants on a case-by-case basis. 

Therefore, by the time you’re done consulting with your assigned expert advisors, you’ll have gotten the news on whether your timeshare situation is solvable or not. The Timeshare Termination Team will take into account your timeshare contract, timeshare provider, payment default rate, resort location, how far you’ve paid off the timeshare, etc.

That said, at least the firm is open to working with people who still owe money on their mortgages, as well as timeshare owners who’ve paid off their timeshare. Similarly, it’s flexible enough to serve both local timeshare owners as well as clients based in other U.S. states. 

Then get this. The Timeshare Termination Team doesn’t limit itself to timeshares based in the U.S. It has extended its operations to include resorts outside the country. So much so that it now boasts a track record of terminating timeshares for overseas resorts in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. 

Online Reviews Of Timeshare Termination Team

Although the review videos showcased by the Timeshare Termination Team earn the company a couple of credibility points, they don’t elaborate on all the finer details that matter. Besides, it would be unwise to rely entirely on the few user reviews that have been officially endorsed by the Timeshare Termination Team. 

So, to really get a feel of what to expect at every stage, how about we, instead, switch over to bonafide user review platforms? 

You might, especially, want to pay attention to what past clients post on reputable sites like Better Business Bureau. This is one extremely credible business review platform, as it takes time to screen and verify its reviewers. 

Other well-respected user review sites you should consider checking out include: Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews. 

Here’s a summary of what you’ll end up observing about the Timeshare Termination Team…

Better Business Bureau Rating Of Timeshare Termination Team

Sorry to say, but the BBB profile here is not as rosy as the video reviews on the mother site. 

On one hand, it’s commendable that the Timeshare Termination Team has maintained BBB accreditation since 2017. Even more impressive is its corresponding BBB rating of A+, which places this timeshare company in the league of very dependable businesses. In fact, according to BBB’s rating scale, A+ translates to a percentage score of 97-100%. 

On the other end of the spectrum, however, it turns out the Timeshare Termination Team is not enjoying good tidings from its clients. They’ve so far posted a total of 42 reviews – which are comparatively few for a nationwide business that has been serving people since 2011. 

That’s not even the bad part. You see, from these 42 reviews, the Timeshare Termination Team has garnered a combined rating of 3.54 out of 5 stars. That means its reviewers consider it to be, at best, pretty average. 

Interestingly, however, the bulk of the negative reviews (1 star and 2 stars) were posted in 2021 after the company ceased its operations (as we’ve updated above). Many of these reviewers are largely disgruntled that it suddenly went cold, without notifying its clients. 

For instance, Clarence says:

Sorry for all the clients but this company is out of business. It was a complete shock to everyone but you can blame the CEO. Don’t expect any return calls or emails. The owners were supposed to reach out to clients but have not heard a peep. I would contact DORA or the state attorney, but if you recently signed up I would dispute the transactions with your bank or credit card company.

Then Lois adds this: 

Add my name to the list for wondering about what to do now about the Timeshare Termination Team. I, too, have not had any callbacks or answers to emails. I’ve been trying for a week. No responses at all. Of course, my last payment was in May 2021! I signed up in March of 2020, and I still am not free of a timeshare which I “inherited” when my Mom passed away. And, now I am scammed for a lot of money. And money is not freely flowing when you are a retiree! Not sure what is going on but would like some answers. It sucks being scammed! **** ** Missouri City, Texas

Otherwise, comments that were posted before the 2021 storm paint a much different picture about the Timeshare Termination Team. They praise the timeshare exit company for following up on timeshares and quickly getting them canceled, the responsiveness of its team, outstanding customer service, and the professional handling of all the legal paperwork. 

Lori, for example, had this to say about the Timeshare Termination Team;

I had tried to sell my timeshare for several years…and twice I was scammed by companies saying they would sell them for me. I lost quite a bit of money with these scam companies. The Timeshare Termination Team was recommended to me through a friend. They were incredibly easy to deal with,and even when the person I had been dealing with was unavailable ,there was always another member of their team willing to help. Finally,they were able to rid me of my timeshare before the New Year! I am so grateful to be rid of the horrible burden that timeshares become.I was so grateful to find this company to be so thorough ,and legitimate. Thank you everyone at Timeshare termination.

As for Michelle, the company deserves a 5 star because:

I had a great experience with the Timeshare Termination Team. I never got any pressure from this team to get started; they patiently reached out every few months and were always willing to discuss options that were comfortable for me. They make the process seem so easy (so much to make you wonder why you even need help), but knowing the timeshare business and how rigid it is about contracts, I wanted an official company to manage the legal process for me. My account moved quickly through several representatives who each had a specific task they managed, but I walked through all of the steps each time to make sure I was comfortable. While it still required an outlay of money, having no more financial obligation to my timeshare resort pays for itself very quickly. Marq and the team were great to work with, and I would highly recommend them for swift, understandable management of the entire process!

Trustpilot Rating Of Timeshare Termination Team

The client’s sentiments on Trustpilot are almost similar to what we’ve observed on Better Business Bureau. 

For starters, the Timeshare Termination Team has an average customer rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars – calculated from just 16 reviews (which are still surprisingly few for a timeshare exit company that has been around for over a decade).

Nonetheless, it’s not surprising that 81% of the customers have given it a solid 5 stars, 13% have rated it 4 stars, while 6% feel that it deserves nothing other than just 1 star. 

As you’ve probably figured out already, the positive ratings were left by clients who were lucky to be served before all the drama in 2021. They principally salute the Timeshare Termination Team for living up to their end of the bargain. 

According to their remarks, the Timeshare Termination Team successfully saved them from their timeshares, maintained a very simple and user-friendly process, plus kept returning calls and answering questions. 

Tom, for example, left this comment almost three years ago: 

This company is expanding their services to places like Arizona, Minnesota, and several other. They provide the best service and what they tell can be trusted. This is our families 4th timeshare Termination. Process is simple, no hassles , up front , etc..

Come several months you’re LEGALLY

Out and done with those nasty maintenance fees forever!!

Come 2021, and things really took a turn for the worse, as poor reviews started streaming in because of the Timeshare Termination Team’s sudden shift in fortune. The community here is still having a hard time coming to terms that the timeshare exit services are probably gone forever. 

Timeshare Termination Team Lawsuits

If you try to research extensively about any legal disputes that may have mentioned the Timeshare Termination Team at some point, you’re bound to ultimately come up short. This seems to be one of those timeshare exit companies that strictly keep their matters within the confines of the law. 

There’s just one traceable incident where the company was taken to court. The controversial lawsuit was filed by a timeshare provider known as BlueGreen Vacations, and it proceeded to accuse the Timeshare Termination Team of false advertising. 

Before a Miami, Florida court, the plaintiff argued that the Timeshare Termination Team had been falsely advertising that it can help BlueGreen timeshare owners cancel their contracts. The BlueGreen company felt that such endeavors would only mislead their timeshare owners to default on their contractual obligations. 

Well, this is perhaps not the first time you’re hearing of such a lawsuit. Every now and then, timeshare providers file these types of cases probably to protect their interests in the timeshares. 

The thing is, every single instance of timeshare cancelation translates to huge losses for the provider. So, it’s fairly understandable why they’d have problems with timeshare exit companies. 

That said, the judge in this specific lawsuit ended up ruling in favor of the Timeshare Termination Team. And with that dropped, the company has managed to keep its legal record clean to this day. 

Pros and Cons of Timeshare Termination Team

Like always, there has never been a perfect all-rounded timeshare exit company. Even widely acclaimed service providers – such as Timeshare Termination Team –  have a weak side that often exposes their drawbacks. 

Here are both sides of the coin, starting with the benefits you should expect, followed by the drawbacks. 

The Good 

  • Offers free consultation to beginners. 
  • Provides assurance in the form of a money-back guarantee. 
  • Can be counted on to help timeshare owners cancel their contracts. 
  • Flexible enough to attend to timeshares beyond the U.S. border. 
  • Assigns a client relations specialist to keep you updated. 

Free Consultation

As you get started on your Timeshare exit journey, the Timeshare Termination Team provides a free consultation with its expert advisors. You can count on them to review your timeshare situation and advise accordingly. 

Money-Back Guarantee

When you remit your payment and commit yourself to its timeshare exit process, the Timeshare Termination Team generously grants you a money-back guarantee. This is meant to act as an assurance that the company will indeed hold up its end of the deal and get you off the timeshare contract. 

Otherwise, if the Timeshare Termination Team ends up failing by any chance, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. 

Timeshare Cancelation

The Timeshare Termination Team has proven over and over again, and with different clients, that it’s capable of completely getting timeshare owners off their timeshare contracts. 

This eliminates all the timeshare contract obligations, including purchase payments and maintenance remittances. 

Timeshare Exit Overseas

The Timeshare Termination Team doesn’t restrict itself to a specific area of focus. It stretches to offer its cancelation services on timeshare resorts in not just other U.S. states, but also beyond the border. 

So far, it has managed to get its clients off timeshares in overseas jurisdictions like Europe, Mexico, and Canada. 

Client Relations Specialist

Once you sign your Professional Service Agreement to come aboard, the Timeshare Termination Team assigns a Client Relations Specialist to you. They will walk you through all the procedures, and then remain available to answer all the queries you might have, as well as keep you updated on the progress.

The Bad

  • Chooses to handle only a few timeshare cases with the highest potential for success. 
  • Doesn’t readily provide pricing information. 
  • The in-house team doesn’t offer professional legal advice and services.

Case Selection

Although the Timeshare Termination Team markets itself as a timeshare exit company for everyone, it applies a different principle when picking cases. 

Only a few timeshares with the highest potential for success are selected. This reportedly helps the company maintain a perfect timeshare resolution record. 

No Pricing Information

The Timeshare Termination Team doesn’t readily reveal any form of its pricing information. It keeps its prospects guessing the rates, forcing them to schedule consultations to get custom quotes. 

No In-House Legal Services

Since the Timeshare Termination Team is just a timeshare advocacy group, it doesn’t have an in-house team of attorneys. This means that although you’ll be getting advice regarding your timeshares, the in-house team doesn’t offer legal advice and services. 

Final Verdict: Is Timeshare Termination Team a Legit Timeshare Exit Firm?

After reviewing its team composition, the timeshare exit processes, its pricing strategy, plus the resultant online customer reviews, we can conclusively say that the Timeshare Termination Team is not one of those time timeshare scam companies. 

This is, instead, a legitimate timeshare exit firm that enjoys a streak of successful timeshare contract cancelations in not just the US states, but also overseas territories like Europe, Mexico, and Canada. 

Timeshare owners appreciate, among other features, the exemplary customer service provided by the Timeshare Termination Team. It assigns you a helpful client advisor from the word go, after which you get to work closely with a client relations specialist – who’ll not only show you the ropes, but also keep you well-updated and informed. 

Cost estimation here, however, can be a challenge, as the firm doesn’t readily provide pricing information. You only get to find out your rates through a consultation.

Nonetheless, at least it makes up for that with a favorable money-back guarantee. As soon as you sign the Professional Services Agreement, you become entitled to a full refund if the company fails to hold up its end of the bargain. 

That’s pretty sufficient assurance that its legal team will work relentlessly to save you from the bondage of your timeshare contract. The Timeshare Termination Team has, on several occasions, successfully helped its clients out of their timeshares and the accompanying obligations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Timeshare Termination Team?

To date, the Timeshare Termination team is owned by the same two people that founded it back in 2011 – Holly Wilbur and Brian Wilbur, a retired US Marine who, at the time of starting the firm, was a recovering timeshare owner. 

Where is the Timeshare Termination Team located?

While the Timeshare Termination Team continues to offer its timeshare exit services across all the 50 U.S. states and beyond the border, its primary headquarters are in a Denver Colorado municipality called Centennial.

How is Timeshare Termination Team Rated online?

On the Better Business Bureau review platform, the Timeshare Termination Team has a solid BBB rating of A+, which translates to a percentage score of 97-100%. 

However, because of the streak of negative reviews it has recently attracted, the same BBB profile shows a corresponding average customer rating of 3.54 out of 5 stars. 

The situation is slightly worse on Trustpilot, where the Timeshare Termination Team has a combined customer rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars. This too has a lot to do with the recent uptick of 1-star reviews that it has witnessed. 

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